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ROCKerkit Cherokee XJ ROCKer panels

ROCKer panel slider kit. Includes the inner rocker repair, ROCKer panels and slider tubes. Our kit isn't some self tapper, sheet metal screw fix. Its an engineered repair / upgrade to the factory unibody. Comes with easy to follow instructions including plenty of pictures. If you have some welding/fab skills, and even just a 110 MIG welder, you can take this on. If not, A welding shop, autobody or speed & custom shop can do the service for you.

WJDONE.jpg Grand Cherokee WJ ROCKer panel kit $399.00

we now offer our popular ROCKer panel sliders for the Grand Cherokee model WJ. These go above and beyond factory replacements and are much stronger than tubes or sliders. These integrate into the uni body in numerous locations, most importantly the unique B- pillar support. Our kit is the only one offered with a pass through slot to repair the B pillar that would otherwise be left inside the hollow rocker cavity. Install is easily done with common metal working/cutting tools and only requires a 110 MIG welder to complete. Easy instructions with plenty of pictures and measurements to make it as seamless as possible.

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